Preventative Care, Diagnosis and Emergency, Advice and Support Clinics

Our wide range of services are here to help you with all aspects of your pets healthcare needs. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help you.

Preventative Healthcare

Help keep your pet protected and healthy. Our proactive, preventative approach to pet health care and recommend regular health checks means problems are diagnosed and treated early and closely monitored. Our Pet Health Plans are suitable for all pets of all ages.
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Health Checks

We recommend regular health checks to ensure problems are diagnosed early, and to give you reassurance and peace of mind when your pet is healthy.

During health checks, our vets will also offer advise about regular care for your pet, such as exercise, diet, preventative healthcare products, dental care for example, which are all very important aspects of keeping your pet as healthy and as comfortable as possible.

Although health checks performed at the time of annual vaccinations may be sufficient for generally healthy pets in the prime of life, it would be appropriate to check some pets (pregnant, elderly, obese or those with ongoing health concerns) more regularly. We can advise you on the most appropriate intervals for your pet’s health assessments.


Having an on site dental suite means we can carry out dental procedures necessary to maintain your pets’ dental health and ultimate well-being.

We take the oral health of our patients very seriously and can’t emphasise the importance of dental healthcare enough.

We regularly perform both routine dental prophylaxis, such as ultrasonic scaling and polishing, and more complex dental surgeries including surgical tooth root extractions and oral surgeries.


Regular vaccinations are vital for all dogs, cats and rabbits in order to provide ongoing immune protection. We always conduct a clinical examination and health check at this time and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about your pets health.

Dogs: Vaccination provides protection against Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Infectious Hepatitis and Parainfluenza. Additional protection against infectious tracheobronchitis (Kennel cough) is also available.

Cats: We recommend vaccination against Cat Flu, Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Leukaemia virus and Chlamydia.

Rabbits: Rabbits need vaccinations to prevent and protect against myxomatosis, Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease (R(V)HD) and a new strain of R(V)HD - R(V)HD2 - all of which cause intense suffering to rabbits. A combined vaccine offers annual protection against both myxomatosis and R(V)HD from 5 weeks of age. A separate vaccine given 2 weeks later offers annual protection against RHD-2 from 10 weeks of age. Insects can pass on both diseases, so house rabbits are still at risk. Unfortunately, there are not effective treatments for these diseases, and so vaccinations really are essential.


Compulsory microchipping for dogs was introduced in April 2016. Microchipping is a permanent, simple, safe and quick procedure which we can perform for you making reuniting pets with their owners much more likely. The procedure takes only a few minutes and lasts a lifetime.


We recommend neutering all dogs, cats and rabbits to prevent health and behavioural problems in the future.

Our vets are always available to discuss and explain your pets neutering needs via our specialist pre-neutering consultations.

We work closely with RSPCA and other charities supporting their early neutering initiatives and can undertake early neutering of cats from 4 months of age.

We recommend dogs are neutered from 6 months of age. Post neutering support, advice and guidance is offered with our nurses.

Advice Service

We offer advice, guidance and support. We take responsibility for our clients pets very seriously and we want you to know we are always available for you if you have any concerns.

Pet Travel

People are increasingly keen to holiday with their pets abroad. At PetCare we have an LVI registered vet, so are able to offer advice on European travel, complete travel documentation and your Pets Passport. Although taking your pets abroad is not complicated – there are specific guidelines which must be followed. We recommend all clients looking to take their pet on holiday with them to consult the government website for guidance

The site contains a Pet Travel Scheme Helpline, email address and telephone number so help is at hand to answer those queries.

Nurse Clinics

Our nursing team run consultations daily for claw clipping, administration of worm preparations, ear cleaning, dressing changes, application of flea treatment and behaviour.

Complementary nurse consultations include:

  • Puppy & Kitten guidance: Guidance for your new family member.
  • Junior Assessments: For pre and post neutering advice.
  • Waist Watcher Club: We can help loose those extra pounds with professional dietary advice and weight reduction programs to suit your pet.
  • Dental examinations: Practical advice on how to maintain your pet’s oral health.
  • Over 8’s Club: Helping your special friend grow old gracefully ensuring a healthy and comfy retirement.
  • Healthy Hopper Club For the Rabbits: Advice on nutrition, husbandry and behaviour; handling, parasite control and dental advice. General health care, husbandry and mental well-being.

We also offer behavioural clinics, to help if your dog gets nervous, or perhaps shows these behaviours; hiding, lip licking, yawning, shaking or cowering.

  • Vet Visit Handling/Confidence Guidance: Aimed at helping your dog develop confidence, trust and acceptance whilst undergoing vet examination and handling.
  • Stress Free Guidance: Aimed at helping you develop greater understanding of your dog’s body language - learning ways to help develop your dog’s confidence and ultimately help them cope.

The first/Introductory consultation is complementary, after which further consultations are from £9.99.

Training consultations are gentle, supportive, positive and fun, and will ultimately help you strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Commitment and dedication to training will be encouraged and in doing so, both you and your dog will reap the rewards!

These consultations with Sarah, our nurse have proved to be very popular indeed and owners speak very highly of her gentle and patient manner.

She will advise and teach you techniques to suit you and your pet, and provide you with supportive information to take away with you.

The number of Consultations recommended may vary.

Bunny Spa Days

Short stays for your rabbit are available to book, include grooming, claw clips, teeth checks, a complete body condition assessment, and a 20 minute consultation with the nurse to discuss and offer advice on husbandry, preventative health care and mental well-being.

Diagnosis Healthcare

We are here for you when you need us most. When you pet is unwell, we have the experience and latest facilities to help diagnose the cause in-order to find the best treatment for your pet.

Consultations - Routine & Emergency

Consultations with vets and nurses are available via appointment and our telephone advice is always complimentary.

Our consultations with the vets are between 15-30mins and are tailored to you and your pets requirements.

Case continuity is very important to us i.e. whenever possible we will ensure that the same vet deals with any one problem in your pet. This allows your pet’s progress to be monitored accurately and builds a good bond between the vet and both you and your pet. If you would like to see a particular vet please ask when you book your appointment.

If you need us in an emergency during surgery hours please telephone the practice immediately and we will do our utmost to attend to you at the earliest opportunity.

We offer a full local emergency out of hours service. Click here for more details.

Home Visits

We are always happy to attend your pet at home when time allows. However, more complete care is possible at the surgery where all our facilities are at hand.

Should you request our vets to visit your home, we ask that you contact the surgery before 10 am to discuss your requirements and arrange a home visit. An additional charge will be made for home visits.

Surgery & Anaesthesia - Routine & Emergency

We understand the most important consideration for your pets’ well-being when undergoing surgery and anaesthesia remains the skill, experience and expertise of our vets and nurses.

We always ensure that every pet under-going an anaesthetic or operation has a dedicated nurse to monitor them one-to-one during their procedure and throughout their recovery. We have a highly skilled team of vets, meaning we are able to offer a wide range of surgical procedures.

We understand that anaesthesia and surgery on your pet can be a worrying time. In order to minimise anaesthetic risk and give you peace of mind we offer the following services:

  • Pre-anaesthetic blood testing to help identify potential problems that may not be obvious on pre-operative clinical examination.
  • The very latest and safest gaseous anaesthetic agents.
  • Fully trained members of staff to monitor all anaesthetics, aided by state of the art vital signs monitors.
  • Supportive fluid therapy as required.

Day patients for surgery and investigations are admitted between 8.30 and 9.00am by a dedicated theatre veterinary nurse who will remain with your pet throughout their stay with us. They will complete the admissions form with you and explain the procedure for the day, answer any questions you may have and ensure we have all the correct details to reach you and keep you updated regarding your pets’ progress.

How we conduct & ensure your pet is well looked after.

We have a dedicated surgical theatre suite where our trained nurses follow the most up to date anaesthetic protocols and standards of operative care. Every anaesthetised patient is constantly monitored both electronically and manually during surgery to ensure their safety and to minimise anaesthetic risk.

We have a self-contained, quiet and warm recovery area where the theatre nurse continues their monitoring post –operatively during your pets recovery; temperature, heart rate and respiration rates are recorded on an ongoing basis.

Hospitalisation and Intensive Care

Our self-contained recovery area allows nurses to monitor inpatients and post-operative recovery of pets, in a clean, warm and peaceful environment.

If your rabbit needs to stay with us we recommend they bring their companion in too, for extra comfort and to maintain a bond between pairs.

Our recovery area is kept quiet as possible to alleviate concern of your pets stay with us.

Other measures we take to ensure your pets comfort:

  • We ensure boxes are available for cats to seek extra security and we have adapted our kennel doors for soft closing clasps.
  • We use pheromone based diffusers to help pets settle and adapt calmly to their temporary environment.
  • Adapted soft closing kennels.
  • Hides are provided to help nervous pets feel safe and seek refuge.
  • Kennel signage tailored to your pets requirements to help us understand their needs and ensure their stay with us is comfortable.
  • If your rabbit needs to stay with us we recommend they bring their companion in too, for extra comfort and to maintain a bond between pairs.
Please click here to view more information on hospitalisation.


Our on site X-Ray facility and automatic processor gives us access to high quality diagnostic pictures, for both soft tissue emergencies such as foreign body investigations and orthopaedic procedures including lameness work ups and fracture repairs.


Ultrasonography is non-invasive and has provided advancement in veterinary medicine as it allows us to visualise the abdominal cavity and structures of internal organs, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and bladder. Our ultrasound machine allows us to diagnose conditions such as bladder stones, abdominal tumours, liver disease and heart failure. We are also able to carry out pregnancy diagnosis.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Monitoring blood pressure is essential in emergency situations, but also for several common chronic conditions such as kidney disease. It is non-invasive and in most cases can be done conscious during a normal appointment slot.

For animals with medical condition's that require ongoing monitoring of their blood pressure, this can often be done in the more relaxed setting of a nurse clinic, which is a good opportunity to discuss other aspects of your pet’s condition.

Blood & Urine Tests

Our in house automated biochemistry and haematology analysers, provide rapid blood test results for both diagnostic and routine health care purposes. This enables us to have on the spot answers to medical problems and for pre operative health screening of patients under going surgery.

Our in-house laboratory is particularly important in emergency situations.

If we require more complex tests, we submit samples to our external laboratory, who process samples and submit results to us quickly.

Ongoing Healthcare

Some pets, with on-going medical conditions require our on-going care and attention too.


For pets with long-standing and chronic medical conditions, medications can often be dispensed without seeing your pet.

We are however obliged to advise that legally and in the interest of your pets’ well being we are required to conduct 3 to 6 monthly medication checks.

Repeat prescriptions require 24hrs for their authorisation and preparation. Requests placed before 3pm can usually be processed, authorised and be available for collection after 3pm the following day.

Specialist Diabetes/Arthritis Consultations

Once your pet is diagnosed with a condition, we don’t stop there, we are committed to supporting you and your pet, helping you manage and monitor their wellbeing.

Pets with ongoing conditions and those receiving ongoing medications are closely monitored via regular consultations, weight checks, blood tests and blood pressure monitoring as recommended by the vets.

This proactive approach means we are able identify how a condition is progressing and make any necessary changes to treatment plans and medications to maintain your pets well-being and quality of life.

When the time comes

As animal lovers and owners we know that losing a pet is like losing a family member. A decision sometimes has to be made to end a pet's life to prevent suffering and we are here to listen, and offer advice and support at this difficult time.

We can also offer a variety of cremation services - to suit your wishes.

Brilliant vets, so helpful and accommodating. We feel lucky to have found them and cannot recommend them enough.

Natalie Montagnani

Pet Care have been looking after our Cocker puppy, Joe, since we got him six weeks ago and everyone has been a delight to work with. Joe came from a pretty awful breeder, just in it for the money, but the team at Pet Care have him bouncing around chasing anything that moves in the garden. A lovely team. :)

Steve Hooper

Felt confident that my pet would be looked after.

John Lawlee

Very caring and friendly.

Daphne Cox

Brilliant care of our pet and would happily recommend to all.

Susan Ashby-Wyatt

GOOD WITH RABBITS! Thank you for taking such good, kind care of my beautiful bunny. For anyone looking for an understanding, gentle and competent rabbit vet I have had consistently good experiences here and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Sam Walker

Very good with our dog and staff are super friendly.

Jonathan Naylor

Very reassuring.

Mim Hayward

Superb vets, excellent staff.

Kim Wadey

Thank you so much for your care of Chewie yesterday! I also want to thank Maria and Laura for supporting my four year old, she was so upset leaving him and they really took the time to talk to her and make her feel at ease! He is very happy at home now and back to his old self! Thank you so much to you all!

Katie Sidney