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Prescription Only Medication - NEW PRESCRIBING GUIDELINES


From 1st September the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons  (RCVS, regulatory body for the veterinary profession in the UK)

introduced new guidance on prescribing prescription-only medicines.

The full guidance can be found on: 

The new guidance requires that a physical examination of the pet has to be performed every time any antibiotics,

antifungals, antivirals, controlled drugs and anti -parasiticides* are prescribed.

This includes topical preparations such as ear and eye drops, and all prescription flea/worm/tick products.

The guidance is an important step towards ensuring responsible antimicrobial use and reducing the veterinary impact

on the wider issues of global antibiotic resistance and decline of insect populations.

What this means in practice is that your pet will need to come in for an in-person consultation every time

  • we need to prescribe anti-parasiticides* (flea/worm/tick products) (up to 12mnths)

  • we need to prescribe antibiotic medication (for any skin problem or ear problem even if it’s a chronic problem)

  • we need to prescribe antifungal/anti-viral medication

  • we need to prescribe controlled medications (up to 6mnths)

  • we/you decide to change from one flea/worm/tick product to another

Prescriptions requests should be made at the time of your visit.

For long term prescription medication that is not an antimicrobial/antiparasitic, our usual policy of requiring an examination

every 6 months (or every 3 months in some less stable or more serious cases) continues to apply.

The consultations are charged at our usual fee

Prescription 6 monthly visits


Intermediate under-care visits

(Anti-microbial / Anti-parasitic / CD’s prescription issuing)


If you have any questions or concerns about the new guidance, RCVS can be contacted on:

020 7202 0789 or

*(from 12.01.2024)

I've been with PetCare for more years than I care to remember. Always been excellent. Nick is a fantastic vet and I like the fact that he's very down to earth with me.

Jane Ibbotson

We have been visiting this vet for the last ten years and never received anything but kindness and attention. Our elderly Brittany contracted an eye infection and despite all our panic Nick Smith and his excellent team saw us through some of the worst days of pet ownership. Purdey is now much better and although she has lost the sight in her right eye she is as mischievous as ever.

Patrick Stoner

Managed to get my pet looked at same day excellent vets.

Jason Gallear

Great staff and very helpful. I've been taking my working dogs there for six years and they are brilliant with them.

Alison Eames

Very reassuring.

Mim Hayward

Brilliant care of our pet and would happily recommend to all.

Susan Ashby-Wyatt

Very caring and friendly.

Daphne Cox

Kind caring and personal service.

Linda Arrow

Very good with our dog and staff are super friendly.

Jonathan Naylor

Pet Care have been looking after our Cocker puppy, Joe, since we got him six weeks ago and everyone has been a delight to work with. Joe came from a pretty awful breeder, just in it for the money, but the team at Pet Care have him bouncing around chasing anything that moves in the garden. A lovely team. :)

Steve Hooper